What's Bobtails Truck?

In the trucking industry, there are three types of “bobtail trucks.” The first type of bobtail truck is a semi-truck that doesn’t have a trailer attached. This is also known as simply a semi-truck, and truckers will often say they’re “running bobtails.”

The second type of bobtail truck is one in which every axle on the truck is attached to the same chassis. These are typically small- to medium-sized trucks, such as a bobtail delivery truck or a bobtail dump truck. In some cases, you don’t even need a special license to drive this kind of bobtail truck.

The third type of bobtail truck simply refers to a straight propane truck. In some cases, a bobtail truck fits the last two categories: a small truck with a specifically designed small tank attached to the back of the vehicle.

But What's is a Bobtail Truck Insurance?

Bobtail insurance is a form of commercial liability insurance that covers risks associated with operating trailer vehicles that aren't fitted with a trailer.

This insurance policy applies if the motorist is involved in an accident that causes property damage or bodily harm.

Bobtail insurance provides protection when you are driving a truck without a trailer.

How do I know if I need insurance for a bobtail truck?

You need insurance no matter when you drive your truck. If you drive a truck under someone else's trucking authority your motor carrier's or truckers' liability insurance only protects while you are under dispatch or hauling a trailer, you need individual coverage for other driving scenarios.

Bobtail insurance is the policy for you if:

  • You drive a truck under someone else's trucking authority without a trailer at any time.

  • You want to protect yourself from lawsuits or high out-of-pocket expenses if an accident occurs.

  • Your motor carrier requires you to carry the coverage.

Bobtail insurance is typically reserved for cargo trucks. However, for many customers bobtail insurance also covers their farm tractors, commercial tractors, food trucks, dump trucks, and even skid steers.

What Does Bobtail Insurance Cover?

Bobtail insurance covers you if you’re involved in and responsible for an accident while driving a truck under someone else's trucking liability without a trailer. Scenarios you would be covered for include:

  • You’re involved in an accident after you deliver a load and are your way to the pickup your next load.

  • You’re involved in an accident on your way to pick up your first load.

  • You’re involved in an accident on your way home from a delivery.

Bobtail insurance does not cover physical damage to your truck in these scenarios. It pays costs associated with liability including legal fees, medical bills for injury, and settlement expenses.

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